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Commitment of the chemical industry to improve performance  in  healthsafety
and in protecting the environment.


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Global Product Strategy (GPS)  

What is the Global Product Strategy? 
     ICCA developed a Global Product Strategy to improve product stewardship within the chemical industry and with customers throughout the chain of commerce.
What does the Global Product Strategy do? 
     The GPS is designed  to improve the global chemical industry’s product stewardship performance by recommending measures to be taken by companies, working together with their
chemical associations, and in cooperation with  activities of other companies and associations
along the chemical value chain.
What are the key components of the Global Product Strategy?
     • Guidelines for product stewardship, including ways to make relevant product stewardship  
       information more transparent.
     • A tiered process for completing risk characterization and risk management actions for
       chemicals in commerce.
     • Product stewardship performance with a special focus on working directly with downstream
       customers of the chemical industry.
     • Exploration of a potential partnership with an intergovernmental organization to enhance global
       product stewardship. 
What specific actions does the Global Product Strategy recommend? 
     • Voluntary industry actions.
     • Cooperative efforts with industry groups and companies that are customers and suppliers to
        the chemical industry.
     • A potential role for partnerships with Intergovernmental Organizations and other stakeholders.
     • Outreach and dialogue with customers and stakeholders.

ICCA Guidance on Chemical Risk Assessment
ICCA GPS Risk Assessment Guidance (Edition 2011) ICCA GPS Risk Assessment Guidance (Final 2010)

GPS activities in Thailand
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“Let’s start to implement GPS and Product Stewardship!”

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